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News and Views for the Hands-on Professions

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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
Barefoot Basics

December 6-8, 2007
Battle Creek, Michigan

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is celebrating 10 years of Excellence in Education. We pioneered the technique, why settle for anything less?

We are helping bodyworkers reinvent their practice, one "sole" at a time. Step into the world of sumptious deep-tissue therapy and never injure your back and wrists again.

Safe and thorough training for your private practice, school or spa. Nationwide locations with dedicated experts teach you to "stand out" in the massage industry... literally!

Our accurate, trusted and comprehensive courses cover all details from modality implementation to the safe installation of your bars.

Register now for Barefoot Basics
December 6-8
Battle Creek, Michigan
Visit BC Stoneworks' website to watch streaming videos about what Ashiatsu can do for your practice or to register for class.

Tuition: $ 600
25 CEU's
NCBTMB approved provider

Don't miss your chance to learn from the founder herself, Ruthie Hardee!

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
The deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet...

Ashiatsu ~ Ashi (foot) Atsu (pressure) is a truly unique form of Deep Tissue known to improve posture, relieve pain and stress and treat spinal compression. It is both deep and gentle.

Registration will be closing in a few days, contact me soon to reserve your spot in class. We are unparalleled in instructor-to-students ratio, with intimate & fun workshops dedicated to giving you the best possible continuing education experience yet.

Cindy Iwlew

Associate Instructor
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
269-569-1311 cell
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If you're interested/willing to take a little 10 question poll, please visit my LJ! I'm doing some research on people's thoughts on natural health and beauty products.


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x-posted on _massagetherapy

My name is Kacy and for the past couple of years I have been running my own virtual administrative consulting company called Lavender Girl Consulting (www.lavendergirlconsulting.com) I offer administrative and bookkeeping services to other small businesses and the self employed. My boyfriend is a massage therapy instructor and also an MT, and I have been helping him out for quite some time and I am thinking about perhaps creating a specialization, providing support for healing / bodyworkers.

My question to this group is this... does the idea of having offsite, contractor support appeal to anyone? I don't know how much MT's on the whole like doing everything themselves... the ability to say, "I spent this much on supplies, did this many in calls, this many out calls, and made this much money", and then have your bookkeeping be done for you... or e having birthday, thank you, reminder, appointment, etc. cards sent out to clients automatically. I have met a few MT's that LOVE the hands on work, but not the back-end stuff that comes along with it.

Just looking for input.

THANKS in advance!

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I would like to embed a little script in my page that allows people tha visit it to sign up for my mailing list. I am thinking of a little box where to input the Email address, and then they are subscibed. I figure there must be some sort of mailinglist service that does this, or an easy script that I can add to my page, that then automatically sends the Email address to me, so that then I can manually add it to my mailing list.
To see an example of what I mean, see here: www.devi2000.com. At the top of the page there is the box I talk about.
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I just graduated from a massage school in Minnesota and I was wondering if there are any of you that practice in this state. I'm interested in your experiences with starting out: hopes, dreams, fears, etc.

Also I'm considering moving to California but I heard the job market for massage therapists is slim and you are treated more like a criminal that a professional. Any comments would be very appreciated.

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Just some quick questions.. do any of you in the field have tattoos? Are they visible? In your opinion, do you think they'd have a negative effect on a massage therapist's job? The reason why I ask is, I plan on starting massage therapy classes at FMU in the spring and I have two fairly big tattoos, one on my upper arm and one on my lower arm and i have plans for more. My aunt constantly tells me it will seriously ruin my chances of being a successful massage therapist and I'm very curious to hear any opinions on this. I'm torn! Thank you for any input. :)

ps to make it clear, i'm a girl! :D

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I am new to the Massage Therapy neighborhood, so I apologize if you see this same post in other communities.
I only practice part time, maybe 6-10 massages a week, while I have my "regular" job. But I have been having some arm and hand pain.

In the arm that hurts is the: pronater teres, brachio-radialis, flexor carpi ulnaris, supinator, flexor pollicis longus.

In the hand what hurts is the: abductor pollicis brevis, palmaris longus tendon, adductor pollicis trans, flexor pollicis brevis, extensor digitorum communis tendon (on the pointer and middle finger), abductor digiti quinti.

I have been massaging them myself, and doing hand and arm stretches, but I am still having pain. Could it be something else? Is there anything that you do to keep from hurting and if so would you mind sharing?


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I hope it's ok to ask this question here.

I got a massage from a registered MT in a physiotherapy clinic. Now I know to tip MTs in spas, but what about in a setting such as a physio clinic? Is there a specific rule for this?

An MT friend of mine(living in a diff province than I am) mentioned to me that I shouldn't tip as it's in a health care clinic & you are only to tip in spas, but I thought I would ask anyway. Was she correct?

To tip or not to tip...

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Has anyone here baught anything from www.massagevideosales.com?  I was just curious of their reputation with others in the field.  I have to complete a huge amount of hours for various national organizations to continue membership, etc, blah, blah.... and found they have a single course that would do the trick for everyone.  I just wanted to know about the reputation.

Cross-Posted to a few places, so I'm sorry for the repitition.

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