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Warning to Massage Therapists in the NJ/NY area

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The below is cut directly from an email I received from ABMP. Fortunately, I saw this email last week and was able to recognize the name/phone number when I received a voicemail this afternoon. I'm so glad to be part of a community of professionals that watches out for each other...

X-posted to a few communities.

Once again I am sorry to have to report that the man named "Steven", who has been soliciting massage therapists with dubious get-rich quick schemes for the last five years, is back on the scene. This time he is sending out emails offering "business opportunities in Atlantic City casinos" (a copy of the email is below).

While it may seem obvious to some, I am strongly suggesting that everyone ignore his emails and phone solicitations. I send this email to alert you of someone who has tried to prey on massage therapists in the past. Please pass this warning on to your colleagues. At one time I believed this man was harmless, but have come to believe that he may be dangerous.

I would also suggest that you report his email as spam to the following:
mail-abuse@yahoo-inc.com and spam@uce.gov
Meg Darnell, LMT
Director of Alumni Services
Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences
212-924-5900 x142
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" - MLK
 Scam Email below:

Subject is "Business Opportunities ( Atlantic City Casinos.)"

To : Massage Therapists ( Business Women )

From : Casino Operations ( Director of Surveillance )
Las Vegas -- Atlantic City Casinos.

---------------------------- OPENING STATEMENT -------------------------------

With all of the stress of today in trying to make a decent living, there seems to be no time for you to relax and enjoy life. If this is a massage therapist, working at chiropractors office, spa or medical office or renting a space or operating own business, it would be very helpful, when a massage therapist learns card counting skills on Two Casino games BLACK JACK and BACCARAT. It is my pleasure to tell you that in your hands right now you have chance to not only get away for a day or evening of enjoyment, but also ( earn ) One Thousand Dollars per visit to Atlantic City Casinos at a weekly basis. This would help massage therapist to pay for their expenses - space rent, advertisement, house call travel expenses all other expenses the therapists might have. Willing to give this knowledge, card counting method, betting strategy , technique and the system , Massge Therapist must have a good mathematical skills and follow several rules.


Based on my over Twelve years of experience as a Senior Executive Casino Host, Casino Operations and Director of Surveillance, who knows every thing what's going on inside the house, knows every tricks inside the house with Over 40,000 hours of observation on Table Games , People ( Gamblers ) just don't lose money every time they make trips to the casinos. If People lose money every time or every trips they make, All Atlantic City and Las Vegas Casinos would go out of business because nobody would return back to the casinos.
Average people, average gamblers do not know card counting methods and most importantly, money management and the system. It all goes by percentages. Casino wants the players to gamble for a long time per trip. There are no clock, no windows near gaming section, casino don't want the players to know what time of the day it is. Players just don't know when to stop , they're winning and winning and won't stop until hours and hours later they gave it all back. Slot Machines, Roulette, Craps, 3-card poker, Big 6, Keno, these casino games players don't have the control, it's all luck. The longer you play winning chances are small. What good is it to hit jackpot when 96% of gamblers put money and give it right back to the house. TABLE GAME PLAYERS - Those People who don't know the system nor card counting methods, or Gambling Addicts who lost everything ( House, Cars, Wife etc.) since their losses in past is too huge, they will not stop when they come to the casino and win just $1000. They know how to win or increase their bank roll by 60% or more but they are not happy with winning just $1000. They don't have the self-control. As a result HOUSE ALWAYS WINS.

------------------------------ EVIDENCE and WINNERS ---------------------------

Based on my watch and the report given by Division of Gaming Enforcement ( Central Data Base ) Out of Millions of gamblers visit casinos every year, just Year 2007 alone, Atlantic City Casinos have banned 1,726 players. They were all BLACK JACK and BACCARAT players who knows the system and beating the casinos accumulative of $100,000 and above in less than nine months. 78 OF THEM WERE MY CLIENTS. - Twelve of them, NYC TAXI YELLOW CAB DRIVERS. Casinos are in business making Tons because they keep players who lose money and throw out advantage players who always wins. In the State Of New Jersey by Law, rules and regulations set by Division of Gaming Enforcement and Casino Control Commission, All Atlantic City Casinos have the right to ban any one who they feel that is not profitable to the Casino. In other words, because the Casinos are private property, they can throw you out without giving you a reason. When a Massage Therapist learns the system, card counting methods, and wins $1000 or up to $2000 per trip to Atlantic City Casinos at a weekly basis, eventually down the road Casino manager or Director of Surveillance will track down therapist's winnings and ban you from the property. Casino Control Commission then will take photograph of that player and read you the rights. That name and date of birth and picture will be sent to the other Casinos nationwide. Casino Control Commission then will give the player a Casino Term -- ( BODY RECEIPT ) -- it's a yellow copy informing that person you're permanently banned from our Casino. That yellow copy also has exact dollar amount of accumulative winnings. Casino Control Commission will also notify ( Internal Revenue Service ). --- Since the therapist don't have any prior history of any gambling losses all of the above will happen when this winning pattern continues for certain amount of period and when it hits acccumulative of $ 90,000.

----------------------------------- SUMMATION ------------------------------------

The reason for this letter is, I am writing a book called "CASINO GAME PROTECTION - A COMPREHENSIVE GAMBLING GUIDE". The First Series Part is expected and completed by July 2008. All my clients who have been banned from casinos due to following my instructions are all males. All different professions, Accountants, Lawyers, Chef, Yellow Cab Drivers and Business Owners. All my 78 clients will be in my book along with - BODY RECEIPT - Yellow Copy, informing readers that these individuals used this system taught by the writer, as a result profits were $100,000. --- I'd like to put as many Females as well ( MASSAGE THERAPIST ) or Business Women. Willing to train and give this knowledge, technique, betting strategy, card counting methods and the system in order for the therapist to earn $1000 - $2000 per visit to Atlantic City Casinos, weekly basis, in return all I need is that original BODY RECEIPT - Yellow Copy and written permission that I may put you in my book along with therapist's photograph

Training will be done at Atlantic City Casinos , Massage Therapist will not be playing until the writer proves beyond the reasonable doubt this system guarantees $1000 of winning. When Massage Therapist fully understands and it is fully proven to the therapist that this system guarantees $1000 then the therapist would start under writers supervision. In order for Massage Therapist to qualify you must have a good mathematical skills, self control and follow writers instructions and rules. -- Game of BLACK JACK and BACCARAT.-- only

Massage Therapists are not allowed to play any other game or slot machines.


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On July 18th, 2008 04:47 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
**I am going to report him.
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