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question for you all

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I have a client who has some traits that I can not stand.   I dred working on him and find it hard to act like I am interested in anything he has to say.  Here's the big problem:  he is cocky about himself and he talks poorly about his wife and her physical pain.  His wife is one of my favorite people.  I have tried to ask him to focus on his breathing, talk to me about him and not her,  and all that jazz they try to teach you in school.  I am pretty sure he either thinks I enjoy his conversation or he is so oblivious.  Suggestions?  So far I have been able to throw people out of my room, explain how it is unacceptable to no show, and collect on a bad check (took me 6 months).  So I am not afraid of standing up to people, but this is hard because I just don't like him. 
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On March 20th, 2008 10:59 pm (UTC), nepthytis commented:
Simply tell him that you do not wish him to discuss his wife with you. Period.

If he persists, you may simply have to choose--either learn to cope with it better (grounding helps) or let him go. Perhaps refer him to someone who doesn't know the wife.

I can relate, I've had similar situations, but if it really is giving you a bad feeling, it isn't worth the money to put up with it.
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